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Our SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ever evolving space. However, core concepts still remain viable. Through constant tech research and implementation, we as a team can help you improve your rankings. 

Using detailed keyword research, internal and external linking. Our systems aim to gain Trust Flow in the eyes of Google. Setting your company up as a recognized expert in your field of business. 

Your customer avatar

By building a customer avatar we create profiles of who your customers are. What interests them and where they like to be online. This helps our reach and targets any ad spend in the future. Find their pain points and solve the customer's problem. 

Keyword Research

Once we know the customer. We create a keyword list to target based in your knowledge and google analytics. We also look at your biggest competitors ranking keyword to find places we can surpass your competition with high quality content that both the users and google will enjoy.

Content and On-Page SEO Strategy

Organizing content in a manner that can be internally and externally linked will increase Trust Flow in Google's eyes. While providing helpful and sharable content to your customer base. 

Technical aspects include:

  • Titles, H1, H2 tags, Meta-Descriptions
  • Create Local Content
  • Optimize for Voice Search
  • Google My Biz Optimizations

how we Local SEO in Eugene



We take each client and industry as a unique project. This means finding who you want, when customers are searching and providing easy to digest solutions. 



A/B testing landing pages, email marketing campaigns and social marketing efforts.

Ohhmotive observes what's working and learns what is most effective for your customers.



With enough data, we will go over strategic directions based upon our findings monthly. 

Our goal is to maximize your marketing budget with data.

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