PPC Marketing:

Squeeze the Juice

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

PPC has revolutionized the way people see ads. Highly targeted, data driven and easier to track ROAS.

Your marketing dollars are valuable and OohMotive will create and place unique and creative ads. Meeting the right people at the right time. These insights will come from you, the client. After all, you know your customer best.

Testing and iterations are key.

In digital, we can pivot to change ad budgets and segments based on live results.

Our PPC Process


Create Targeted Campaigns

We will use your customer avatar as the basis for segmentation. 

Focusing on time of day, location and demographic insights.


Build Multiple Ads

For data's sake! We create multiple ads for each campaign. This allows enough info to test and iterate.

The power of copywriting and design.


Test and Tweak

We optimize for conversions. CRO

By A/B split testing ads and web content. We are able to continue customizations that prove effective.

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Achieve a Positive ROAS

Advertising Necessities

  • Ad Quality
  • Sales Copywriting
  • Originality
  • Data Field Layering
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Is your ad spend not performing? 

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Trying to captivate people & improve lives?

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Great products and services deserve attention. 

We want to get YOU that attention.