About OohMotive:

Squeeze the Juice

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How we became OohMotive

Hello there, I'm Mike, the founder of OohMotive.com. I used to think marketing was a slimy game. Then, I discovered so many amazing companies, selling valuable products and services.

This is the reason I've been marketing positive companies for the last 8 years. These companies deserve to be seen by the masses.

My experience is being the CMO for Glidesup.com-

Co-owner of a digital agency and a content creator for mental health clinics. Interesting combo, but both help or enrich the lives of people.

Digital marketing is the most amazing platform to promote these impactful companies. A way to get ahold of the customers who you can help the most. While documenting every click along the way. 

Your Goals:

Are the most important aspect. We will strategize around your input. No one knows your business better than you.

The initial process is solid communication. A core value of OohMotive.com. Listening comes before action.

Our Solution:

Listen > Research > Create > Market > Analyze and Iterate.

Let us know about your digital goals.

Trying to captivate people & improve lives?

If yes, we would love to work with you.

Great products and services deserve attention. 

We want to get YOU that attention.